Gaylord Michigan

 Gaylord Michigan

Top attractions Gaylord Michigan holidays: It’s a small town with friendly people, where almost everybody knows everybody else. The crime rate is very low, making it one of the safest towns in Michigan.

There are several chain restaurants available, but also some mom and pop places with homemade food. I like to eat, so anyplace is fine with me.

Gaylord Michigan property values have incrased tremendously over the last 16 years, since I moved back here. I bought a house in November 1991 that appraised at $56,700. I sold the same house in November 2006 and it appraised at $122,000. However, there is a small drop in property values right now due to an abundance of houses for sale at this time.

Call of the Wild Museum, The Alpine Chocolate Haus (homemade chocolate candies, fudge, etc.), and a variety of unusual shops

Gaylord, Michigan: A Town For All Seasons Located about 220 miles north of Detroit, the small town of Gaylord sits on the 45th parallel, halfway between the equator and the north pole, and is in the very heart of northern Michigan.

Gaylord styles itself as an “Alpine Village” and the buildings in the center of the city feature Tyrolean-style motifs. It’s well-known for this Alpine charm, which was developed in the early 1960’s to promote tourism.

Local businesses sponsor an annual event in July known as the Alpenfest, which draws 30,000+ visitors each year. Many visitors to the Alpenfest sport genuine Bavarian clothing in keeping with the spirit of the festival.

The Alpenfest is sure to please people of all ages with its carnival rides, open air concerts, craft booths and some of the whackiest contests known to man.

There’s plenty of food and fun to be had in the main festival area and a beer tent is hosted by a local Bavarian restaurant, complete with live polka music.

The week-long event draws to a close with the Grand Parade being led by Der Burgermeister (honorary president of the Alpenfest) who is followed by bands, beauty queens and more from all over northern Michigan.

In addition to the Alpenfest, Gaylord Michigan is also known for its many world-class golf courses and has earned the reputation as the Golf Mecca of the Midwest. But that’s not all this picturesque town has to offer.

The area has many lakes and campgrounds, as well as plenty of hunting land, fishing holes and wildlife. And because of its abundant snowfall in the winter, it’s also the home of numerous ski resorts and snowmobile trails.

During the spring, mushroom hunters traipse through the woods looking for the ever-elusive Morel mushrooms. And in the fall, the most beautiful colors can be found in the leaves on the trees in those same wooded areas.

From Gaylord, a 55 mile drive to the north is all it takes to reach the beautiful city of Mackinaw with it’s historic landmarks. And, of course, the Mackinac Bridge connecting Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas at the point where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet is a sight that shouldn’t be missed.

No matter which of the four seasons or outdoor activities you favor, Gaylord Michigan has something for everyone to enjoy. Come and stay awhile, or maybe a lifetime.

I would like to thank Denise Hall and David Button for submitting this article about Gaylord, Michigan.

Most popular places to visit

Call of the Wild Museum
Gaylord’s City Elk Park
Bavarian Falls Park
Aspen Park
Otsego Club Drive
Pavilion On Court
Otsego Lake State Park
Irontone Springs
Otsego Lake
Pine Baron Pathway

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