Curry tuna salad

 Curry tuna salad

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tuna salad is such a staple for me- that’s why i was so excited to add a new fall-ish flavor twist to it. I loved this lunch so i hope you guys enjoy!


1 can tuna
2-3 tbsp plain yogurt or mayo
lemon juice
curry powder, garlic salt, black pepper
2 cups kale, massaged w/ lemon & olive oil
pomegranate seeds
1/2 cup rainbow cauliflower
handful baby carrots


To start, place the carrots & cauliflower on a pan & drizzle and season before placing in the oven at 425 for abt 15 minutes.

While they’re cooking, mix the tuna, yogurt, lemon juice, seasonings, and parsley together.

To assemble, put your kale in a bowl, add the tuna, veggies, and pomegranate seeds on top, and drizzle your dressing (i used TJs spicy cashew) and more parsley. Then dig in!!!

Enjoy your meal!

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