Bean cornmeal pastry

 Bean cornmeal pastry

How to make cornmeal pastry with beans? The recipe for corn meal pastry with beans and the list of necessary materials for its preparation have been shared on our page.


2 Lbs of flour
as warm water as possible
0,55 lbs of cornmeal
2.5 cups of boiled dried beans
1 liter milk
1 cup sunflower oil


To make bean cornmeal pastry, let’s first prepare the dough. For this, let’s prepare a dough in the consistency of an earlobe by kneading 1 kg of flour, salt and warm water as much as possible.

Let’s make meringues the size of half a lemon from this dough we prepared and open these meringues to be 15 cm in diameter. Let’s sprinkle 1.5 tablespoons of corn flour on each phyllo while rolling. Then, let’s cook these phyllo sheets one by one, front and back, in a Teflon pan.

Meanwhile, mix beans and 1 liter of milk in a large bowl. After oiling the tray with sunflower oil, let’s place two layers of phyllo in the tray. Let’s sprinkle the beans that we mixed with milk into the phyllo in the tray. Let’s drizzle a little sunflower oil on it.

Let’s sprinkle milk beans between each phyllo and do this process by drizzling sunflower oil on it until all the ingredients are used up. Let’s put milk and sunflower oil on the dough on the top and bake the corn flour and bean pastry in a preheated oven at 170 degrees until they are browned. After the cooking process is finished, it is ready to serve and serve. We say bon appetit to those who make and eat.

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