How to print wood photo?

 How to print wood photo?

How do you print a picture on wood? Can photos be printed on wood? If you want to make woodblock prints, check out our article to learn how and do it yourself. The necessary materials for printing on wood and its construction are on our page!


Photos is a unique technology in that it freezes and records the moment. You can feel longing, happy or sad while looking at a photo. For a moment, we can go back to the time when the photo was taken. For this reason, the photos we take with our loved ones are always among the most special memories for us. We want to show you an excellent DIY technique where you can combine this unique feature of photography with the warmth of wood. With this beautiful method known as photo printing on wood or photo processing on wood, you can make a wonderful handmade gift for your loved ones or have a super frame that you can use for decoration in your home.


– Photo(s) to be transferred
– wooden board
– Scissors, utility knife, gauge (straight edge)
– Laser printer
– 18 gr. thin wax paper (pelur)
– Brush
– Acrylic Matte Texture Gel
– A hard plastic like a credit card
– Towel, cleaning cloth
– Jigsaw Glue


Step 1: Preparing the Photo

Scan the photo you intend to print and copy it to your computer. Print the photo by placing thin wax paper on your laser printer. You cannot get the result you want with ink printers, so you can only use laser printers. After printing, cut off the excess of your photo with the help of a utility knife and ruler.

Step 2: Preparing the Wood board

Try to choose a good wood as much as possible, as the type of wood you choose directly affects the print quality. You can use Plywood, a type of plywood made of Birch wood in 4′ x 2′ dimensions. You can carefully shrink the board to the dimensions of your photo. After the reduction process, remove the roughness of the surface, if any, with fine sandpaper.

After the cutting works of our board, apply the acrylic matte texture gel on the surface that you will print with a brush so that there is no dry place. You may have heard of the gel used for the first time, but you can easily find and buy it from stationery sites.

Step 3: Printing Photo on woodboard

1. After applying the gel, let’s carefully place the photo that we printed on the oiled paper on the board, with the back facing you. Be very careful at this step because if you make an incorrect placement, all your effort may be wasted. Then put something hard and flat on it. Find an object that will weigh equally on the entire surface, place it on it and let it dry for 1 night. If you have evenly divided your board, you can use the other piece for this job.

2. After the drying process, let’s remove the weights on it and moisten the surface with our photo with a slightly wet cloth.

3. Let’s scrape the moistened paper with your finger and remove it. If you do this on a towel or newsprint, you will keep the place clean. This process, which takes about 20 minutes, can be a bit of a pain, but you will get a great result after a while.

4. And our photo appeared! Now let’s make it permanent by applying decoupage glue with the help of a brush.

Now, our wonderful painting that we made with the transfer printing technique on wood is ready to decorate the walls! I hope you will be satisfied using it!

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