North Carolina

 North Carolina

Cheap holidays to North Carolina. A Great Resource for Finding Interesting Places To Visit In NC.

I could build a whole site around just interesting places to visit in nc because there is so much to see in this state. What I have done is broken down some cool places to visit when you take your trip. Pick up some ideas based off of your itnerests.

North Carolina Beaches

If 300 miles of coast to choose from and amazing breathtaking views are what you are after, then visiting some of the beaches in NC might be for you. There are a few of the different areas to choose from.

North Carolina’s Outer Banks- This area attracts thousands of people a year because of the Wright Brothers National Memorial which has a exhibit about the Kitty Hawk.

Crystal Coast- If you are a Civil War buff, you will love this area. It is home to Fort Macon where they hold Civil War reenactments. While you are there you can visit the North Carolina Maritime Museum where you can check out their boatbuilding program!

Topsail Area Beaches- For people who like their peace and quiet, then this is one of the interesting places to visit in NC. Whether you want to learn about how pirates use to invade the area or maybe the exciting history at the Missles And More Museum the Topsail area might be for you.

Cape Fear Coast- A shoppers dream, the Cape Fear coast was settled in 1729. This area has some of the coolest shops around.

Brunswick Area- 35 golf course? Oh YEAH! This area has five islands and six beaches to choose from. Did I mention golf? Besides the great restaurants and the fishing, the Brunswick Area has much to offer including the North Carolina Oyster Festival.

North Carolina Mountains

With the highest mountain peaks this side of mississippi, it makes the mountains one of the interesting places to visit in nc for sure! North Carolina has the lowest average temperatures which for hikers and bikers that is a huge plus.

Historical Places to Visit in NC

The Smith-McDowell House Museum- It is Ashville’s oldest mansion which is still standing. If you want to see how royalty lived several years back, this museum is worth a visit.

For Golfers Only

Ocean Ridge Plantation – How would you like to play golf on one of the top 100 golf courses rated by Golf Digest? Need I say more?

A Different Attraction

Tweetsie Railroad – If you are bringing the kids along on this trip to nc, this is for sure one of the interesting places to visit in nc. Besides a ride on a real locomotive, you can also pan for gems and gold! How cool is that?

Like I said earlier, I could build a whole site just around North Carolina. I hope you have discovered some of the possibilities surrounding your trip to NC.

I would like to thank David Button for submitting this article about NC.

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