New Hampshire

 New Hampshire

Cheap holidays to New Hampshire: Discover some of the interesting places to visit in New Hampshire by reading below.

When deciding to visit the beautiful and serene New Hampshire, you will probably be tempted to hit all of the places in New Hampshire! You will find places that inspire while others leave you in awe. So come on and check out what there is to see and do.

When thinking of places to visit in New Hampshire, do you think of the covered bridges there?

You should check as many of the bridges that your time allows. The bridges here are not only for curious children, but also active adults, and relaxing seniors. Many find that the covered bridges snuck into their hearts through the lens of a camera or a simple picture on the wall. These bridges are always a treat to see and experience, whether they are covered with nature’s graceful touch or bare for you to check out every nook and cranny.

There are quite a few popular and historic bridges to check out and the Bement, located in Bradford, is no exception. This bridge is a quarter of a mile long and was built in 1854. The next bridge you might want to visit is the Blacksmith Bridge in Cornish; it is over 90 feet long and carries a footpath over the town of Cornish.

There are other great bridges as well, such as the Blow Me Down Bridge, Cilleyville Bog Bridge, Cornish-Windsor Bridge, Dalton Joppa Road Bridge, Dingleton Bridge, Edgell Bridge, and Keniston Bridge to name only a few of them.

There are also otherplaces to visit In new hampshire, such as the many Museums and Galleries.

One of the famous and rich in history and culture museums you can go and see is the Amos Blanchard House and Barn Museum in Andover. The Museum is open throughout the year and with hours from 1-4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday.

Next is the Canaan Historical Museum in Canaan. This museum has items from the 18th and 19th century focusing on a collection of Shaker Items.

There is also the Claremont Historical Society Museum, in Claremont, the Enfield Shaker Museum, Hood Museum of Art, Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum, each museum has its own set of hours and prices so you need to check them out before hand.

There are also the Historic Homes and Sites, when thinking of Places to Visit In New Hampshire.

You can go to the historic Amos Blanchard House and Barn Museum in Andover, the Canaan Historic District Meeting House and Historical Museum, Claremont Historical Society Museum are a few of them that are not only historic homes but as you museums as well.

You can also check out the Fells Historic Site, where the John Hay National Wildlife Refuge on Lake Sunapee is located. These amazing gardens offer a 100-foot perennial border and have a breath taking view of Lake Sunapee from the Rose Terrace. You can also look to the Fort at No. 4 in Charlestown; this living museum focuses on the French and Indian war.

You might also check out the Newport Opera House in Newport for some lovely music and performing arts. Then there is the Old Webster Meeting House. Here you can get a true feel for the history of New Hampshire.

With other Lakes, Bridges, Museums, Houses, Parks, White crested mountains, and refreshing seacoast views, what are you waiting for there are plenty places to visit in New Hampshire.

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