How to remove wax buildup from wood furniture

 How to remove wax buildup from wood furniture

Your furniture will look dull, if it is left without maintenance. Wax buildup may gather dust and dirt on the furniture. To get rid of this problem, you should remove the wax from the furniture. A simple procedure is described here to remove wax buildup from wood furniture.

Tools and Materials

•    Wood polish
•    A soft bristle paintbrush
•    Wood cleaner
•    Wooden skewer
•    A hair dryer
•    Absorbent cloths
•    A soft bristle toothbrush
•    A drying towel
•    A scrub brush
•    White vinegar
•    A bucket
•    Soft cleaning cloths
•    Cream of tartar

Step 1 – Prepare the wood

To wipe out the dirt and dust from the wooden surface, you can use a piece of soft cleaning cloth. Mix white vinegar and the tartar cream in a bucket. Follow this ratio to make the mixture – white vinegar one gallon, cream of tartar one cup. Make the mixture properly and dip the scrub brush into the bucket, then shake off the excess liquid. Use the brush to wipe out the residues from the wood. Rinse it with clean water; then use a clean drying towel to make it dry.

Step 2 – Rub the wood

Use the pieces of cleaning cloths to rub the wood. Use sufficient amount of pressure and circular motions to clean the surface of the wood. Very soon, the wool will look cleaner and brighter.

Step 3 – Use the wood cleaner

Now apply the wood cleaner to clean the wood. Allow sufficient time (approximately five minutes) to the cleaner on the wood, the wax buildup will be softened and dissolved. Apply the previous rubbing method on a small area of the wood. Continue the rubbing process with grain. Continue the rubbing process, until it is dry. You may get wood details and crevices there; in such cases, you can use a paintbrush, which will help the cleaner to get into the wood. Dip the brush in the cleaner, and then dab it onto the crevices. You can use a soft toothbrush to do this task. If still wax remains in some places, use the skewer to remove the wax carefully. In this way, clean the whole surface.

Step 4 – Cleaning the difficult area

Even after performing the previous steps, there may remain some wax on the wood furniture. Apply heat on that area by using the hair dryer; the heat will melt the wax. Then use a piece of absorbent cloth to remove the wax. Here different tools and processes are described to remove wax buildup from the furniture. You should apply the appropriate tools and process to remove the wax. When you will apply heat to remove the wax, you should do it quickly before the wax become cool again. After completing the absorbing task, use another piece of clean absorbent cloth to clean the wood.

Step 5 – Polish the wood

When you will be sure enough that there are no wax on the wood, then  you should think to polish the wood with a piece of cleaning cloth. Before starting to polish, apply a little amount of wood polish to the cleaning cloth. Polish the wood, soon it will start to shine.

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