How to properly care for outdoor wood furniture

 How to properly care for outdoor wood furniture

To add more comfort in your home, you can place outdoor furniture on the patio or deck. You will have to spend a good amount for a good set of outdoor furniture. As the furniture will remain outside your home, they should be cared properly to last for a long time. The following steps may help you to take care of the outdoor furniture. The process may differ according to the type of furniture.

Tools and Materials

•    Wood cleaner
•    Sprayer
•    Wood oil
•    Bucket
•    Water hose
•    Scrub brush
•    Clean rags
•    Covers

Step 1 – Preparation

As the furniture will remain outside the home, different types of waste and dust may make the furniture dirty. So it will be better if you wash the furniture if there are too much waste and dirt. There may be cobwebs, bird droppings, dried bugs, and other dirty things on the furniture; use the scrub brush to loosen the dirty things. Do not forget to clean the under-side of the furniture. You may get most of the dirt underneath the furniture.

Step 2 – Check the furniture

At this step, you should check the furniture if there is any kind of loosen or broken parts. If there is any, then repair it.

Step 3 – Clean the furniture

After losing the dirt, you have to clean the dirt properly. To clean the furniture, use proper type of wood cleaner that is available to you. Take the recommended wood cleaner and mix it in a bucket of water. Follow the mixing ratio provided by the manufacturer of the wood cleaner. Spray the wood cleaner on the furniture and use a scrub brush to remove all kinds of dirt. Using the cleaner, clean the whole furniture. After finishing it, rinse the whole furniture to take out the entire cleaner.

Step 4 – Let the furniture dry

Now you should let the furniture dry. Allow sufficient time to dry the furniture. You should dry the furniture thoroughly. The moisture may seep into the furniture, if you don’t dry them properly. It may damage the furniture within a few months. Use clean rags to wipe down the furniture and place them in the sun. It will be better if you allow a whole shiny day to dry the furniture. Be sure that they are completely dry.

Step 5 – Apply the wood oil

When you will see that the furniture is completely dry, then it is the time to apply wood oil on the furniture. Allow several hours to soak the oil into the furniture. The wood of the furniture should be oiled properly to get long lasting furniture. After oiling the furniture and allowing time to soak, eliminate the excess oil from the furniture.

Step 6 – Use covers

For the longevity of the furniture, and to keep them clean, you can use covers to protect the furniture. You can use polythene sheets to cover the furniture. Polythene sheets will also protect the furniture from the rain.

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