Enjoy You Sky Vacation Uludag Mountains :

Uludağ is a mountain located in Turkey’s Bursa province and has a 2,543 m altitude. It is a renowned tourist destination for the skiing. Uldag resort  also houses a national park with affluent flora & fauna. Uludag mountains are also well-known for organizing summer holiday activities like camping, trekking, etc. In Turkish language, Uludag signifies as “Sublime Mountain”. But in colloquial Turkish language, Uldag is known as “ Mountain of the monks” Saint Joannicius the Great, the wonderworking Byzantine monk spent his life as a hermit in this mountain.

Uludag National Park :

The Uludağ National Park is situated about 14 miles (22 kms), south of Bursa. From Istanbul you can reach Bursa by road. From Bursa, you can take a cable car, which takes you uphill (ascend). You will have an intermediate stop at Kadiyayla’s alpine meadows located at a height of about 3,937 ft (1,200 m). The cable car concludes at  Sarialan, which is situated at  a height of 5,348 ft (1,630 m). There are good tourist hotels near Uludağ National Park that can appropriately  suit your budget and requirements.

Inhabitants of the park :

The resident of the park vary from the maquis on the lower gradients to the fir, beech forest, to the  alpine meadow at the elevated  phases. The National park offers a safe haven to the mountain birds. You can exchange pleasantries with a variety of mountain birds such as the Golden eagle, vultures, etc. While spending your holiday in the Uludağ National Park, Some of other bird species which you can witness in this national park are the high flying birds such as rock thrushes, Alpine Accentor, and choughs. You can admire the other attractive like White-backed Woodpecker Tengmalm’s Owl, Tree creeper, and Common Crossbill.

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