In Turkish, the name Dalyan Means an enclosure of nets fixed on poles and used for catching river fish. Twenty four years ago Dalyan was simply a small fishing village; then, the publicity about the endangered Caretta caretta sea turtles and wildlife in the locality led to a campaign to list the area for special conversation. Since 1989, Dalyan Turkey has been taking important steps towards the conservation of wildlife ond one of the most vital targets of protection has been Dalyan Mugla Turkey. The village has consequently retained its natural charm and beauty, resulting in a haven for relaxation that has blossomed to cater for the serious traveller.

Dalyan‘s river flows between Köycegiz Lake and the Mediterranean and winds its way to the sea via a small network of lakes and waterways, meandering through the rustling need beds wich growup to 3-4 metres in height. With its mixture of salt and fresh water, these wetlands have become home to a large range of fish  and other water life, supporting many species of birds which feed on them. From Dalyan you reach the sea in around 30-40 minutes of wonderful boat travel & rafting. Dividing the delta is the Iztuzu sandbar stretching for 6 km. , boasting fine sands and edging a turquoise sea. You can also reach Iztuzu beach by minibus, travelling on a picturesque winding road along the lakeside.

It takes 15-20 minutes; boat routes are really worh taking, each for a small charge. There are many restaurants in which to try Turkish cuisine and of coures, lots of bars and shops. There are flew discos, located out of town, so as not to disturb those of you who wish to retire early. In summary, it is a unique destination, full of culture, charm, history and contrasting beauty, added to which you will enjoy excellent dining and unforgettable hospitaly.

Dalyan holidays we wait your.  If you want to see heaven , we recommend Dalyan travel.

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