Mugla – Your Perfect Destination for Your Annual Getaway :

Muğla is a metropolis in the south western part of turkey. It is located in the district bearing the identical name- Mugla province. This resort occupies a prominent place on the Turtkes tourist map. It boasts of having some important plaices of attraction.

A few of vital tourist spots which you can visit in Mugla :

Ulu Cami (Great Mosque of Mugla) :

Ulu Cami is one of the most prominent and much preferred tourist spot by visitors coming to Mugale. You will find this spiritual structure was constructed by Beys of Menteşe was constructed in the year 1344. You will find this religious structure built with utmost craftsmanship

Mugla City Museum :

The City Museum is another prominent tourist spot in Muğla. It has an impressive compilation of ethnographical and archaeological artifacts. You will find in this museuum nine million year old plant and animal fossils which was recently explored in the vicinity of Kaklıcatepe. You can stay at budget friendly tourist hotels and minimize your travels expenses to significant extent.

Vakıflar Hamamı :

Vakıflar Hamam is an important tourist spot in Mugla. It is an ancient Turkish that still in working condition. This ancient structure was constructed in the year 1258.

Arasta (Ottoman Empire-era bazaar) :

You an also make at trip to the Ottoman Empire-period bazaar. An antique clock tower constructed by Filivari Ust , way back in 1895.

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