Kusadasi (Kuşadası) – An Exotic Turkish Resort Situated On The Aegean Coast :

Kusadasi is a resort town situated on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Tourism is the main source of income for the Turkish coastal town. Kusadasi boasts of having numerous and attractive tourist places, which you can visit.

Some of the historic sites and places of interest which you can visit in Kusadasi :

Guvercin Ada or the pigeon island :

Guvercin Ada called as the pigeon island in English is a peninsula at the bay’s end. At the pigeon island , you can find here swimming beaches, a fortress, tourist hotels, a private beach and a café where you can have excellent views of Kuşadası harbor sipping a hot cup of coffee.

Yilanci Burnu :

Yılancı Burnu is a 2nd peninsula that is located past – Guvercin Ada. This is probably regarded as Neopolis’ original settlement. You can see some ancient walls and artifacts belonging to that period. You can also come across excellent beaches & beach clubs. You can also spend your holiday by staying at an ideal hotel of your choice that can appropriately suit your budget, requirements, and explore Kusadasi’s other place of interest.

Aqua parks and other attractions :

Kusadasi boast of having several aqua parks situated in and around its vicinity. These aqua parks have several rides & attraction like the whitewater slides, wave pools, etc. You an also visit the Dilek Peninsula National Park also called as the Milli park. Here you can numerous species of flora & fauna. The wild pig is one of the frequent animals which you can come across in this national park. After an exotic vacation when you pack your bags for home, you are sure to feel contended that you had an affordable & fulfilling vacation with significant savings on your travels expenses

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