A Few Izmir Significant Sites Which You Can Visit. Cheap holiday Izmir.

History can be sometimes unexciting, but not when you hear Izmir’s history. Izmir is a major resort situated at Anatolia’s western extremity and it is 3rd most densely inhabited city next to Istanbul & Ankara.

Most primitive settlements : The former name of Izmir is Smyrna is regarded as one of the most primitive settlements in the Mediterranean region.

Some of Izmir’s historical sites

Ephesus Museum :

Ephesus Museum is a major tourist attraction of Izmir. This historical museum houses valuable relics, and other artifact. You can find of relic that dates back to the Hellenistic and early Byzantine period. You can find also an impressive display of the wonderful structure of Zeus, Medusa and Alexander the Great.

Konak square :

Konak square is a historic spot situated in the hub of Izmir. You will find the clock wore very peculiar, and also you will admire the beauty of a tiny mosque tucked in a quiet corner. The square is very close to the Izmir port. The square also provides spectacular views of the harbor, which you can admire during the evening time. A unique benefit which you can gain is a majority of the affordable hotels are located close to the Konak square which help you to gain access to the different parts of the city without any difficulty.

Other places of interest :

Some of the other places you can visit during your holiday at Izmir are the Izmir Wild Life Park, Agora Open Air Museum, Ayios Haralambos Church, Izmir Wild Life Park, etc. You can also find numerous hygienic and delicious food serving restaurant, tourist hotels, cafes, bars located close to these historic spots.

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