Cheap holiday to Ankara is wait you!

Ankara – Turkey’s Second Biggest City: Ankara is the capital city and has the credit of being the 2nd biggest city next to Istanbul. Apart from being a major holiday destination, Ankara is also a major business and industrial city. It is a city that is steeped rich in cultural heritage and tradition. You can find a numerous historical and tourist places in and around the city.

Hisar (Ankara Citadel) : The Ankara castle or citadel is located on top of a hill and it acts an identifiable symbol of the Turkish capital. Taking a trip to Ankara Citadel is a worthy one as you can find this impressive structure built with utmost craftsmanship. You will find the wall of the citadel reaching to a height of about 46 to 53 ft (14 to 16 m). It is believed that the foundation for this structure was laid more than 3000 years ago. You will also come to know that a majority of the old homes inside the castle have been have been transformed into hotels, restaurants, etc.

Anit Kabir (Ataturk Mausoleum) : Ataturk Mausoleum is a portion of AnitKabir. This structure house the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s mausoleum. Mustafa Kemal is the leader of the Turkish independence and also served as the first president of the Turkish republic. You can find in this mausoleum, 4 major portions- the Ceremonial Plaza, the Road of Lions, the Hall of Honor and the Peace Park which encompasses the monument. Inside the mausoleum you can find a wide array of artifact belonging to Ataturk kept on display.

Some of the other important tourist places which you can visit are Aslanhane Mosque, Hattusas, etc. Please note, since the number of visitors coming to Ankara is constantly on the rise, it is advisable that you book an online reservation for your accommodation, well in advance, so as to avoid last minute denial of rooms.

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