Cheap holiday to Alanya is wait you!

Exploring the Astonishing Alanya : Alanya previously called as Alaiye is a seaside resort and is a constituent district of Antalya Province in Turkey’s Mediterranean region. Making a holiday trip to Alanya helps you to get transformed into a period of antique history. The tranquil and pristine beaches, of Alanya help to soothe your tired nerves. Alanya is known for its historic significance and other renowned tourist places.

Alanya Castle : Alanya Castle is a renowned and much preferred place by visitors coming to Turkey. This fortress was constructed in the 13th century. You can find this castle situated on a rocky peninsula at an altitude of 250 meters. From the ramparts of the castle you can have awesome views of the spectacular turquoise water, underneath. You will find the Mediterranean Sea safeguard the castle from three directions. A 4miles or 6.5 kilometer length wall encloses the castle and it comprise of 140 towers. Nearly 400 diverse cisterns were constructed to serve the fortress. UNESCO has included Alanya Castle to its list of world heritage list. At present the castle functions as an open air museum. You can find a good number of affordable and comfortable tourist hotels, resorts in the vicinities of the Alanya Castle.

Sapadere Canyon : Alanya Sapadere Canyon is located a distance of 50km from the Alanya town .You can reach the cannon spot by traversing the wooden trail. Enroute to the Sapadere Canyon spot you will pass through high rocks and gushing cool waters encasing you in natural environs. At the pathway’s end you will be welcomed by the spectacular view of alluring waterfalls. You can swim as the water is safe to bathe. You are sure to have wonderful and very comforting experience at this renowned tourist spot.

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