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Fethiye is a city located in Muğla Province district in Turkey‘s Aegean area. If you intend to have a perfect holiday in Turkey, then Fethiye is an appropriate tourist resort and is known for its excellent and moderate climate. The British tourists are very much to Fisheye’s wonderful Mediterranean climate. Fethiye Bays, Fethiye Beaches and Fethiye Islands

Ölüdeniz literally known as Dead Sea, as its water remains tranquil water even when a storm strikes. Officially Ölüdeniz called as Blue lagoon. Basically Ölüdeniz is tiny village and beach. Because of its peculiar panoramic views, and the exceptional height of Mount Babadağ’ Ölüdeniz is regarded as one of the most excellent tourist place in the globe for paragliding. In 2007, the Guardian and the Times newspaper selected the Ölüdeniz as the most excellent tourist spot in the world. A number of hotels, restaurants, bars are located in around the vicinity of Oludeniz.

Fethiye Museum : Fethiye Museum is a renowned for its historical significance. You will find rich and diverse displays, exhibits, artifacts that describe the consecutive civilization which prevailed in this region commencing with the ancient Lycians.

Tomb of Amyntas : Fethiye also houses the ancient Tomb of Amyntas. This extraordinary tomb was constructed way back in 350 BC and derives its name from the Greek inscription which denotes Amyntas son of Hermagios. The Lycians, who existed in Fethiye region during that period, constructed this tomb. Taking an exotic trip to Fethiye does not cost much on your travels expenditure.


The typical Mediterranean climate prevails in Fethiye with hot and dry summers and winters that are temperate with frequent  precipitation.

Rains generally start towards the end of autumn and continue throughout the winter. Moving inward from the shore the climate becomes more severe.

The typical Mediterranean climate prevails in Fethiye with hot and dry summers and winters that are temperate with frequent precipitation.

The jowest average sea water temperature is in January with 15.8°C. During Aughust the average sea temperature is about 28.8°C.

Fethiye Bays, Beaches and Islands

Gemiler Island : Located opposite of Gemiler bay and beach. The former name of Gemiler Island was St Nicholas Island. There are remnants of churches which date back to the Byzantium and early Christian era. Frekses of the great church are in good candition. There are also cistern ruins on the shore. The most interesting remnant is the tunnel connecting the 2 churches. Some parts of the 500 M tunnel are damaged. There are 17 steps amongst the tunnel, these steps represent Jesus christ resting for 17 times when he was taken to be crucified.

Şövalye Island : It is located at the inlet of Fethiye Bay like the way it protects the bay. The Island which was dwelled by Hospitallers (the nights of Saint Jhon) still have residents. The Island which has resorts, motels and cafes, is the last stop on the return way of the tours arranged to the Dodecanese Islands. There are regular boat tours from the dock to the island.

Gemiler Island, Sovalye Island, Kızılkaya (Red Island), Deliktas Island, Yassıca, Zeytin Island, Tersane Island, Domuz Island

Kızılkaya (Red Island) : It is named after the color that the sand and the pebbles on its shore turn into at the sunset. There is not any construction except from the lighthouse on the island.

Deliktaş Island : Large and small island at the southwest of Kızılkaya. Visitors WHO want to dive mostly visit this island.

Yassıca Island : It consists of 6 large and small island. It is the island where excursion boats for the longest time.

Zeytin Island : At the South end of Yassıca Islands. It is the only private property Island. There is an olive extruding plant from the Ottoman Period.

Tersane Island : Iy is the biggest island in the bay. There are remmants of old Greek dwellings evicted after the population Exchange. The island on which there are a shipyard which named the island, and remnants of a watch tower, two bays called by sailors as summer and winter bays is a frequent destination for marine tours and daytrips.

Domuz adası (Boar Island) : This island which is named after boars believed to be living on its hills, is also referred as Prince Island because of its last owner. It is a privately owned island which does not have a suitable dock for berthing and there are ruins part of which is under the water can be seen on it.

Cleopatra Hamamı : It is the bay that blue voyage and daytrip boats do not pass without stopping by. It is the island where blue voyage boats and yachts stay overnight and daytip boatstake lunch break. There are ruins Byzantium Monastery right next to the dock. You can enjoy hiking along the shore and through the forest. There are arbor cafes.

Göbün Bay : It is at the South of Boar Island, and its entrance is narrow. It is a long bay surrounded by pine and olive trees. There are rock tombs and ancient remnants on the island. It is a favoritte bay for blue voyage boats and yachts to anchor.

Scuba Diving

Fethiye as a tourism paradise with such a unique formation like Ölüdeniz where blue waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea meet, attracts the most attention again when it comes to diving.

Afkule : Itis the most favorite diving place in Fethiye. It requires high diving experience. The mouth of the Alladdins Cave is the starting point of diving. Dving alongside a Wall with unique view and 50 metres depth feels flooting in the air. You can reach Türk hamamı which is another diving place by following the Wall.

Fethiye as a tourism paradise with such a unique formation like Ölüdeniz where blue waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea meet, attracts the mos

Türk hamamı : You can enter this place which is situated 6 metres from Afkule diving point, go through the rocks, and reach open top pool. This place have this name beacause of the way it looks.

Üç tüneller : It is a suitable place for expert divers. It offers colourful diving corals, groupers and stingrays along the Wall at 19 metres depth. It is named after these triangular spaced tunnels. Two of the tunnels are approximately 30 metres in length.

Dalyan Bay : It is a suitable place for training and beginner divers at Dalyan bay, and also night dives.

Kızıl Ada Feneri : The most important figüre of this diving point which is appealing to divers of all levels is its amphitheater look with sub-marine structure descending down to 20 metres.

Sarı Yarlar : There is a sandy area at 10 metres at this diving point depth structure of which descends from 6 metres to 30 metres.

In addition to these, Piramit, Baracuda reef, amphora, şahin burnu, akvaryum bay, kızıl ada canyon are other great diving points.

The Dead Sea (Oludeniz)

Fethiye Ölüdeniz (the Dead Sea), just like its name, have charackteristics of a still lake with is water which is calm 12 months of the year. When there are waves on Belceğiz shores on stormy days, only chaps are seen the Ölüdeniz sea. This natural wonder is coated with white sand and the turquoise colour of the water becomes even more beautiful with shadows of pine trees.

Ölüdeniz (the Dead Sea), just like its name, have charackteristics of a still lake with is water which is calm 12 months of the year.

There are many high quality hotels, resorts, camping sites, entertainment, restaurants appealing to foreigners and Turkish locals in Oludeniz. There are various types of water sports safari, hiking and rafting apportunities and also the opportunity to go paragliding on Babadag (Father Mountain) which has 2000 mt altitude.

Belcekız & Kumburnu

Kumburnu beach & Belcekiz beach. It is the district where the Fethiye Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon is located. There numerous facilities, activites & accomodation for all kinds of people, eating, fun and water sports on public beaches.

Kumburnu beach & Belcekiz beach. It is the district where the Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon is located. Kumburnu and Ölüdeniz located at the Northern area of Belceğiz.

Kumburnu and Ölüdeniz which you can see in the photos, are located at the Northern area of Belceğiz. This region was declared as National Park in 1978, and it is a grade 1 natural site area.

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