The Historical Sites Of Pamukkale :

Pamukkale is a natural resort and excellent holiday destination located in the South west Turkey’s Denizli Province. In Turkish language, Pamukkale means “cotton castle” Pamukkale is known for its travertine, hot springs, etc. Tourism is the main industry in Pamukkale. In the year 1988, Pamukkale along with Hierapolis was declared as a world heritage site.

Pamukkale Museum :

Since 1984, the traditional city Hierapolis’ earlier roman bath has been utilized as the Hierapolis Archaeology Museum site. You can find in this museum together with the Hierapolis’ historical artifacts, relics from Colossae, Laodiceia, Attuda, Tripolis. Apart from this you find the museum having a broad category of artifacts that were excavated at Beycesultan Hüyük which comprises of some of the finest specimens of the Bronze Age craft. Some of the other displays you can find in this museum are artifacts obtained from Pisidia, Caria, and Lydia regions. You find close to the museum excellent, affordable tourist hotel that can appropriately suit your budget and requirements.

Pamukkale Hot Springs :

Pamukkale Hot Springs is one of the most popular travels destinations in Turkey. This peculiar tourist spot provides you unanticipated surprise. When you remove your shoes, initially you will anticipate cold water to pass through your feet, however the truth is, the more you go on top of the mountain, the hotter will be the water. You will find the water to be in strange colors that tempts you to take snapshots. Some of the other historical sites of Pamukkale are the Pamukkale pools and the hanging limestone wall.

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