Pork stroganoff

 Pork stroganoff

One of the best known dishes from Russia, stroganoff is usually made with beef fillet. Tender fillet of pork is just as successful.

4 Serves pork stroganoff ingredients

800g pork fillet
1 tbls oil
25g butter
2 onions, thinly sliced
2 tbls brandy
250ml soured cream
Salt and ground black pepper
Chopped parsley, to garnish
Large pinch of paprika

Preparation time : 10 minutes

Cooking time : 15 minutes

Author : Prue Leith

Cookbook : Quick and easy (Confident Cooking)

Pork stroganoff recipe

1. Remove any excess fat from the pork and cut the meat across the grain into 12 mm x 4 cm strips.

2. Heat half the oil and butter in a large frying-pan and fry the onions over a gentle heat until golden Brown. Transfer to a plate.

3. Increase the heat. Add a little extra oil and butter and quickly fry half the pork for 34 minutes or until lightly browned. Transfer to a plate and cook remaining meat in the same way.

4. Return all the meat to the pan and pour the brand over the top. Heat gently for 3 minutes or until the alcohol has evaporated. Add the onions, soured cream and seasoning. Bring to the boil, sprinkle with chopped parsley and paprika and serve immediately.

Serve the pork stroganoff with boiled rice or buttered noodles.

To complement this eastern European dish, serve Bulgarian Chardonnay – A dry full-flavoured wine.

Tip : Sliced button mushrooms add flavour to dish – And make it go a bit further too. Fry them after frying the onions but remove from the pan before frying the meat. If you don’t have any soured cream, it’s perfectly all right to use double cream mixed the juice of 1/2 lemon. The lemon juice will sour the cream. Enjoy your meal!

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