Paragliding Dalyan

 Paragliding Dalyan

An unforgettable experience with very high safety standards, paragliding will be one of the most exhilarating in your life. Join the freedom of the birds in the sky. Taking in the breathtaking view of the Blue Lagoon. Starting from 6000 feet Babadag Mountain, you will fly for 40 minutes before your pilto lands you gently on Oludeniz beach.

We are fully insured and your safety paramount. You have made best decision, paragliding will be the most exhilarating experience of your life. Fell the fredoom like the birds in the sky. Enjoy the power of derams and breath taking wiev of the Blue Lagoon. Starting from 6000 feet Babadag Montain. You will fly 40 minutes over breath taking wievs before landing Ölüdeniz beach gently.

The weather contidions and mountainsus terrain make Dalyan Mugla Turkey the perfet place for a paragliding vacation. With tandem rigs it is posibble for almost anyone to of your activities list. Turkey Dalyan has excitin, unqiue and the best spots for tandem flights.

Every corner of the mediterranean, extending into the clear warm waters of the Southern aegein sea , provides excellent paragliding conditions.

Daily tandem flight tours in Dalyan. Turkey; our company organizes thriliing tandem paragliding flights in Dalyan. If you are going to visit Turkiye  soon you can save one day drive whit us to the closest take of point, fly with our professional tandem pilot watch the amazing landscapes and nature beauties from the sky.

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