Dalyan Boat Tour & Daily Tours

 Dalyan Boat Tour & Daily Tours

Dalyan is one life-usually water. Many of the trips made by boat tour Dalyan. Go to beach, filed with boats. There is no need to rent a private boat to go to the beach. Dolmus boat is very enjoyable to go-go. There are two options for excursions.

1. Trips to join together with other guests in the summer.

2. Renting a private boat, go wherever you want without being tied to a particular program.

Other travelers with like minded people to participate in feld trips to stumble across the gem of the general economic, but also helps you get new friends.

The vast majority of boat owners and the surrounding villages Dalyanlı Dalyan boat Cooperative members. Where howmany people, howmuch the price is determined by boat. For captains of the cooperative since 2009 to wear uniform clothes can easily distinquish them from others.

Tourism companies also have boats out of the cooperative. They usually organize daily tours Dalyan. One of the popular “Pirates” are not members of the cooparative, know as private sightseeing boat pirce for 2009 ( up to 25 people) Dalyan has boats. Yhese boats use mored primary school side of the pier, passengers are negotiated. There are two alternatives that also participate in field trips with other travelers.

Dinner or without food. Our suggestion is to attend a dinner. Food prices are cheaper. Drink prices are not included with the meal. Trips usually begin the port of Dalyan around 10:00 hours. Dalyan, a wide variety of excursions, 2 groups them try to explain it briefly. Trips in Dalyan. Daily tours to the nearby Dalyan.

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