Mangetout and avocado salad

 Mangetout and avocado salad

How to make 4 people mangetout and avocado salads? Mangetout and avocado salad recipe and ingredient shared on our page.

Mangetout and avocado salad ingredients

300 gram mangetout, trimmed
2 avocados
juice 1 lemon
1 red onion, thinly sliced
4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
100 gram sun blushhed tomatoes
1 tbsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp chopped fresh mint or tarragon
3 tbsp pumpkin or sunflower seeds
2 handfuls of pea shoots
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Mangetout and avocado salad recipe

Blanch the mangetout in water that is at a rolling boil for no longer than 30 seconds. Set aside on kitchen paper to soak up the excess moisture.

While they rest, pepare the avocados. Halve lengthways and remove the stones. Using a small knife ( a paring or fruit knife is ideal) cut cris cross shapes through the flesh, stopping just short of the skin. Now you can simply peel the avocado over the salad bowl and let the pieces fall in.

Mixx the lemon juice with the oil and mustard and dress the avocado pieces immediately. When ready to eat, add the other ingredients and toss lightly. Season to taste and serve.

This recipe has used mangetout (Snow peas) but could be made just as easily with sugar snaps or raw, fresh broad beans. Now ready mangetout and avocada salad recipe. Your enjoy meal!

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