Training of a Puppy

 Training of a Puppy

We will tell you few tricks about training of a puppy. It is not going to be a long article only some little notes that you need.

Your little baby golden retriever puppy is getting bigger day by day and you feel it is the time for start some training with him/her. These are the rules of a good puppy training.

First of all do not forget that every puppy’s learning character is different. So your dog may learn something in less or more time than other puppies. It is very normal.

Be simple ! Reward your puppy when it does something you like and be consistent.

Consistency is the most important point of the training. Generally we prefer only one trainer. For example if your wife lets your puppy something you don’t let you are in a big trouble. There is no way for success of your training.

Reward choosing is very important too. You most probably know what dog loves too much. It can be a toy for player dogs or some delicious dog food it depends on your puppy’s character.

Be simple. Don’t make your dog confused by using complex commands. And don’t keep training sessions long.
Know your dogs limits. Don’t try to exceed the limit of your dog with commands like “speak” ??

There are a lot of way Training of a Puppy. These items listed above are main points that every dog owners must know.

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