Golden Retriever Training Tips

 Golden Retriever Training Tips

Hello! Golden Retriever Training Tips Today I will talk about basic command training for the Golden Retriever, Labrador special obedience training your gold.

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Golden Retrievers Training Tips – The Basic Commands And How To Use Them

Hello! Golden Retriever Training today I will talk about basic command training for the Golden Retriever, Labrador special obedience training your gold. First, I’ll show you the difference between “obedience” and “conduct” training. obedience training is to teach your dog to sit, stay, come, heel, etc. Here is what I am writing you today. Behavioral training efforts to improve negative behaviors Golden Retriever you have learned, such as jumping on people, destroying their homes, barking for no apparent reason, etc. Golden Retriever Training Tips for behavioral problems and behavioral training, so early for advice.

Ok, first, decide when to train your Golden Retriever. Choose a time when you and your gold relaxation, but not tired. A good tip is to train just before eating, because they will associate or eat food as a reward. Then pick up some stuff. It might be pieces of food your dog or other small gifts.

Remember to keep your training sessions short. I recommend 10 to 15 minutes. Start by getting the attention call your name Golden Retriever. Then start with the command “Sit”. You can attract your dog’s nose up taking a small treat in your hand and say “sit” until your dog wears his nose up and down the bottom. By guiding his nose, it helps them succeed through the initial situation in which it naturally occurs. When you feel immediately rewarded with treatment. You may have to repeat the command, but when dog does not comprehend, I would not be advisable to say an order again and again, because it could be useless to your Golden Retriever. Use a pleasant voice, not unpleasant or irritated. Do not yell at your Golden Retriever or force it to the desired position. If you find that you are frustrated with your dog, stop and come back later. Your dog may feel frustrated and this can cause what they did not like the training session. Remember, your Golden Retriever wants fun!

So sit your dog, you can go to “hold”. Have your dog sit, hold your hands, palms facing your dog and back (just distancxe small at first) and said “hold”. Do not reward your dog if he gets up to follow you, but do not yell at him either. Just try again, reward success. You may have to teach your dog to lie down first, and sometimes more useful. To teach, they have your dog sit, then use a treat to guide your nose down, say “down” and when you lie down, her reward.

Once your dog has mastered these commands, go to “come.” When sitting or lying dog, back, using the command “hold”. So say “come.” Reward success. One thing that is important for you to keep in mind with this command never punish or yell at your dog when you were told to “come.” Doing this will teach you to obey this command results in a penalty, and she’ll learn not because of fear or yelling in disgust.

After their master dog a command, reward him with a treat and lots of praise. He will quickly learn that what he did makes him happy, and Golden Retriever happy to please its owner!

Hopefully training Golden Retriever this tip has helped you. Obediece the training is essential if healthy, happy relationship with their gold will.

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