How to clean and remove the stench of antique area rug

 How to clean and remove the stench of antique area rug

Diy antique rug cleaning.  A rug is a kind of flooring material which is used just to cover a part of a room. If there are children and/or pets in your home, then you would be familiar with different types of stains and stenches in the area rugs of your home. For this the look of the rug may be ruined, it can hamper the beauty of your rooms. You have to take quick and necessary actions to clean and remove the stains and stenches from the area rug. If it is an ancient piece, then you have to be more cautious to keep it in a good state.

Tools and Materials

•    Carpet spray or powder
•    Vinegar
•    Sprayer
•    Baking soda
•    Bristle brush
•    Salt
•    Dish detergent
•    Pieces of old clothes or tissue paper
•    Vacuum cleaner if you have

Step1 – Remove the wastes

At the beginning of the process to clean the area rug you have to remove the wastes that can be removed by your hand. You can use a piece of cloth or a piece of tissue paper to remove the wastes. You should not forget to wash your hand with soap or liquid hand-wash to clean your hand afterward. If the rug is an antique one, then you should do it cautiously, as the antique pieces may be torn easily. However, if you want to keep an antique rug in good condition, you should keep it in a safe place.

Step 2 – Now take it outside and shake well

At this step after cleaning the wastes that can be removed with a piece of tissue paper or a piece of cloth, you have to shake the rug well. For this, the rug should be taken outside, then shake it well. Before doing this you should cover your nose with a piece of clean cloth to avoid dust to enter your nose. If the rug is old enough then do not use any stick to shake the rug. It may tear the rug.

Step 3 – Now find out the stains and remove them

After performing the above steps dust and wastes will be removed. However, the stains will be still there. Now you have to apply some kind of chemicals mixing with water to clean the stains. Salt can be used as a stain remover. You have to sprinkle sufficient amount of salt on the place where there are stains. You have to wait for the time when the salt will absorb the stain. Then use the vacuum cleaner to clean it or simply let it dry. You can use the detergent to remove any hard stain, then use baking soda or salt to remove the residue of the stains.

Step 4 – Remove odors or stenches

The carpet spray or powder can be helpful to remove the stains or odors from the rug. You can also use water and vinegar to remove the stains from the rug. Take equal parts of water and vinegar, mix it and take the mixture in a sprayer. Just spray the mixture onto the rug and let it dry. The odors will disappear. If the odor or stench still remains, apply this process for several times. There are also some other products in the markets to remove stains and stenches, but apply them cautiously maintaining proper directions.

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