How to remove and re-caulk around your bathtub

 How to remove and re-caulk around your bathtub

When you will need to seal joints or to make anything water tight you can use caulk. Caulking can be used between planks or to join cast iron pipes. Caulking can also be used in your bathroom to seal the join between the bathtub and the wall. If you see there are black marks on the caulk that is used around the bathtub or some other places of your bathroom, then it is the time to remove the old caulk and apply the new layer. You should also remove the loose caulk to prevent water leakage.

Tools and Materials

•    Silicon caulk remover
•    Cleanser
•    Utility knife or scrapper
•    New caulk suitable for bathtub
•    Painter’s tape

Step 1 – Collect all the tools and materials

Before starting to remove the old caulk from the surroundings of the bathtub, collect all the materials and tools to complete the task properly.

Step 2 – Remove the old caulk

Apply the softener on the existing caulk, allow two hours to soften the old caulk. Now use a utility knife or a scrapper to remove the old caulk from the join between the bathtub and the wall. You will find the caulk softener in the hardware stores.

Step 3 – Clean the area

Use any good quality cleanser to clean the area properly. It will better to use cleanser, which contains bleach. Use the cleanser in such a way that all soap residues will be removed. You can also use chlorine water to remove all kinds of soap residues. After cleaning the residues allow sufficient time to dry.

Step 4 – Apply the painter’s tape

Now apply the painter’s tape at the bathtub edge and along the wall. After applying the new caulk you will have to remove the painter’s tape.

Step 5 – Fill the bathtub and load the caulk gun

Now you can apply the new caulk. Before applying the new caulk fill the bathtub with water, this will help to open the seam if exist. The caulking will last more. Now load the caulk gun with the silicon caulk. Then cut the tip at a 45 degree angle.

Step 6 – Apply the new caulk

Now start from a corner. Apply constant pressure to trigger up the gun while applying caulk. To get the best result continuously apply the caulk, unless you reach the corner. Apply caulk following this process from corner to corner. To avoid problems, clean the tip between applications. For cleaning tip you can use a paper towel.

Step 7 – Run your wet finger

When the caulk applying process will be finished, run a wet finger on the silicone caulk to make it smooth. This will also help you to remove excess caulk.

Step 8 – Remove the tape

After applying new caulk and making it smooth allow sufficient time to dry and then remove the tape cautiously. You can also remove the tape after 15 to 20 minutes of applying the caulk. Peel the tape cautiously to avoid smearing. Then allow about 24 hours time to set up the caulk properly. Then you can start to use the tub.

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