About Goreme’s Places of Interest : Göreme is a renowned resort that is situated amid ‘fairy chimney’ rock structure in Turkish historic region of Cappadocia. Göreme can serve as you’re affordable and perfect holiday destination. This Turkish town is well-known for the Göreme National Park and its ancient churches.

Göreme National Park : Göreme National Park is one of the major tourist attractions of Goreme. In 1985, UNESCO added Göreme National Park to its heritage list. A peculiar feature which you can find in Göreme National Park is its stunning landscape created by natural erosion. These landscapes exhibit the hoodoo landforms. You can find the rupestral dwellings, churches, convents and, villages preserve the fossilized representation and other remains belong to the Byzantine Empire, and it dates back to the 4th century. For your convenience a good number of quality and affordable tourist hotels have been opened near the Göreme National Park and other Göreme’s places of attraction.

Göreme churches :

Karanlik Kilise (Dark church) : Karanlik Kilise is one of Göreme’s major tourist attractions. This historic church is also called as the Dark church as you will find it is not exposed directly to the air. The Dark church is regarded one the most excellent Göreme churches You can admire in the 11th century the mural portrayed new testament landscapes, last supper, the admiration of Magi,  the nativity, Judas disloyalty, Jesus’ crucification & resurrection. Even though you will find a majority of the faces being peeled off, you can still find the mural to be in excellent condition – bright in gold, blue and red. Some of the Gerome’s other places of interest are The Snake Church, St. Barbara Church, etc.  Since the number of tourists coming to Göreme is continually on the rise, probabilities are there that sometime you may not get a rental accommodation of your choice. Hence it is highly recommended that you make an online reservation for your room, well in advance before you land at Göreme.

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