Cheap Holidays Erdek.

Explore the Beautiful City Called Erdek : Erdek is a city as well as a district belonging to the Balıkesir Province in Turkey’s Marmara region. It is situated in Gulf of Erdek’s northern coast. Erdek is a pleasant holiday resort and is quite famous amid the local tourists. The region has a rough topography & geology and is covered with Olive groves and lush green forests.

Some of important places of interest which you can visit in Erdek.

Açık Hava Müzesi (Open air museum) : Açık Hava Müzesi also called as an Open air museum is a place of historical significance. It is a much sought after tourist destination by visitors coming to Erdek. This museum was established in the year 1948 on the antique remains of the Kyzikos. You can find here some rare relics, exhibits belonging to the Roman and Hellenistic period. A number of affordable and luxury tourist hotels are located in the vicinity of the open air museum.

Zeytin Adası (Zeytin island) : Satin is a tiny island encompassed by pine trees and is 250 meters away from the main town of Erdek. A unique aspect about this island is, it can be viewed from any direction and from any place in Erdek mainland. You can also see in this tiny island resort, some marble ruins and a 5th century church. You can also come across 2 springs, and some remains of an underground church. It is widely believed that the spring water found in this island is capable of healing eye diseases.

Some of the other tourist spots which you can visit in Erdek are the Chugra Beach (Cigura), Kurbagali Beach, etc.

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