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Major sources: Fruit, notably dried fruit, such as apricots, as well as bananas and citrus fruit; vegetables, especially when raw or cooked without water, notably green leafy vegetables and potatoes; and instant coffee.

Importance: Complements sodium in regulating the fluid levels in the body. Important to help the body excrete excess sodium, which helps prevent and relieve raised blood pressure.

Effects of shortage: Potassium cannot be stored by the body and shortage shows up immediately, causing symptoms such as feeling weak, thirsty, confused and tired. Severe deficiency sxacerbates these symptoms and leads to mental confusion and raised blood pressure, a major factor in heart attack and stroke.

Foods high in potassium: Avocado, banana, potatoes, spinach, beans, citrus juices, fish, yogurt, apricot, plantains, orange, lentis, tomatoes, tuna, rainbow,peaches, pork, milk, carrot, peas foods rich in potassium.

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