How to make a candle from old candle wax ?

 How to make a candle from old candle wax ?

Diy crafts and hobbies ! If you are tired of your leisure time or you are on a long vacation and are finding ways to pass your time in a profitable way, then you can try making candles from the old candle wax. Here you have to be cautious enough not to hurt your hand as the melted wax will be hot enough and may burn your skin if it falls on your skin. The materials that will be needed to make candles are already in your house; just you have to find out.

Tools and Materials

•    A jar or a saucepan
•    Candle wax or old candles
•    Straw or a pencil
•    Stick
•    Wick
•    Container
•    Glitter
•    Gum tape
•    Safety gloves

Step 1 – Select the container

Select the container that you want to use for making the candles. You can choose any kind of metal container to make the candles. An aluminum-can can be a perfect choice for this. The mouth of the can should be wider than the base; it will help to remove the candle out of the container easily.

Step 2 – Collect the wax

Now collect all the old candles and melted wax that you used in previous days. Cut the old candles and wax into pieces, then take the sauce and put the pieces into it. Now you have to melt the wax.

Step 3 – Melt the wax

Place the saucepan on a burner to melt the wax. Heat it at a low temperature. It will be better if you stir the wax continuously, until all the pieces of wax are melted completely. Use a stick to do this.

Step 4 – Place the wick

Use a straw or a pencil to place the wick in the container. The wick should be placed at the center of the candle. Bind the wick to the pencil and place it at the top of the container; you should set the pencil properly to set the wick at the center of the container. This will help to keep the wick at the center of the candle.

Step 5 – Pour the melted wax

If the wax pieces are melted completely, then you have to pour it into the container. Wear the safety gloves for the protection of your hands. Gently pour the melted wax into the container. Do it cautiously and do not breathe over the melted wax, it may harm you. Then keep the container in a safe place and let it dry.

Step 6 – Removing the candle

After it gets dry, you can remove the candle from the container. Apply soft pressure to pull the candle holding the top end of the wick. If the candle does not come out, keep it in a freezer or refrigerator and let it cool. Then pull the candle out of the container.

Step 7 – To decorate the candles

You can use glitters to decorate the candles. This will give the candles a beautiful look. Now your candles are ready.

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