How to build an outside flower garden ?

 How to build an outside flower garden ?

Diy planning a garden. Flowering gardening is a very popular hobby and a great way to get outside. You do not have to actually hire a professional landscaper to build your flower garden as you can do it very easily yourself. The flower garden will beautify your house and you can cut them to make beautiful arrangements for your home’s interior. To make the flower garden you need a few supplies to complete the task, a little hard work, its great exercise and you get to be outside for a few hours.

Tools and Materials

· Flower box
· Flowers
· Top soil
· Trowel
· Plants
· Hose
· Garbage bags

Step 1:  Choose a site for the flower garden.

Consider where the plants will grow. It can be sunny, partly sunny or shady depending upon the kinds of flowers that you will choose to grow in the garden.

Step 2:  Build the flower box.

Place a garbage bag over the area where the box will be placed as this will keep out the weeds. Place the flower box on top of the garbage bag. Add potting soil to the top.

Step 3:  Design the flower garden.

Perennials come back every year where as annuals need to be planted every spring. Perennials are more expensive but then you do not have keep buying them yearly.

Step 4:  Choose any flowers that grow in your area.

Leave some space between flowers, as they need room to grow. Plant the taller plants in the back first and then work your way towards the front with the shorter plants.

Step 5:  Put potting soil in the flower box.

Dig holes 8 – 10 inches deep. Remove plants from their pots. Loosen them gently and lift them out. Place them in the holes that were dug.

Step 6:  Add more potting soil around each plant.

Pat down each plant gently.

Step 7:  Water the flowers.

Water the plants when the weather is hot and humid. Be careful not to over or under water them as that kill them.

A flower garden can be fun and an enjoyable experience for the whole family. You can add edging, solar lights, a bench, or bird feeders to enhance your garden. Since there are so many flowers to choose such as daffodils, iris, tulips, gladiolus, hyacinth, and daylilies are just a few that can beautify your garden.

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