How to decorate your guest room for children

 How to decorate your guest room for children

You like to decorate your guest room to give your guests a warm welcome. A well decorated guest room will also represent your taste to the guest. However, if you have to decorate the guest room for the children, then you should prefer fun items rather than classical things. You can follow these instructions to decorate the guest room for children.

Tools and Materials

•    Stuffed or artificial animals
•    Attractive and durable toys
•    Books
•    Arrangement of indoor games
•    Colorful towels and blankets
•    An extra folding bed
•    Necessary bathroom items
•    A television set
•    Other things as your choice


Step 1 – Make the room hygienic

As children may become ill if the room is not cleaned properly, you should make the room hygienic. Mix antiseptic solution with the water to clean the room. All the door and window frames should be cleaned. Wash the curtains and iron them if necessary. Clean all the blades of the fan of that room. Clean all the furniture and other things of that room.

Step 2 – Use things that are suitable for children

It is known to all that children will not be cautious enough to keep your things untouched and clean. So it will be better to use colorful bed sheets rather than the white linen sheets. If there are covers on the tabletop, then it will be better if they are of plastic. If they eat something and drop the food onto the table, you will be able to clean it easily.

Step 3 – Keep sufficient blank space in the room

To accommodate the children in the guest room, it will be better if there is sufficient blank space in the room. The children will be able to move freely in the room, this will keep them happier than a congested room. If you have to accommodate more children to sleep, then you can use an extra folding bed, which you can hide when it is not in use.

Step 4 – Decorate the room with toys and books

Children like toys; there is no doubt. Try to keep funny and durable toys in the room. No need to keep any sophisticated toy there. Rather than try to keep stuffed or artificial animals with which they can play. Keep general knowledge books and storybooks in the room. Children like animal stories and picture books also.

Step 5 – Keep some indoor game items in the room

Some grownup children may like to play indoor games like carrom or chess. Keep some game items in the room. You should also keep necessary arrangements to play the games.

Step 6 – If you like you can keep a television set there

Some children may prefer to watch cartoon movies and other interesting movies on the television set. So you can keep a television set in the guest room.

Step 7 – Keep necessary things in the bathroom

You should keep good quality necessary bathroom items in the bathroom. If you like, you may keep some spare new toothbrushes also.

Step 8 – Keep other things according to situation and environment

Keep other things according to the situation and environment. If you can maintain all the instructions stated above, your guest room may become a dreamland to the children. However, do not forget to give proper love and affection to the children.

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