Dog Vaccines

 Dog Vaccines

One of the key elements of dog ownership is vaccination Golden Retriever should be fully protected against the disease at any given time.
Healthy Golden Retriever vaccines guide. Which is important dog vaccines? Check out our page for more information about Golden Retriever vaccinations.

Are You Protecting Your Golden Retriever?

One of the key elements of dog ownership is vaccination Golden Retriever should be fully protected against the disease at any given time. It is to them and other animals that may come into contact with the protection of aid. Here is an explanation of vaccinations and why they should be given.

Your veterinarian may recommend a series of three sets of vaccinations when got puppies Golden Retriever. The first vaccine to eight weeks, while others were given at intervals of four weeks. The first vaccine known as distemper, usually a combination injection that will protect your dog from these diseases:


Also known as dog called Chumka very contagious disease that primarily affects young dogs. It is caused by an unknown virus and characterized by coughing, lethargy, fever, runny nose, diarrhea and vomiting. Golden retrievers of all ages can be affected by this, but most pups are not vaccinated. Smoot is fatal to the center stage.


Hepatitis is characterized by jaundice, fever, liver enlargement, upset stomach, influences the heart, kidneys, pancreas, and blood vessels in the wall. Results of this disease varies, but often fatal in young puppies.


It is a respiratory infection caused by a virus and is very mild compared with other infectious diseases. Symptoms include sneezing, watery eyes and nose and cough.


Leptospirosis is a communicable disease dogs and could determined by fever, muscle pain, and jaundice. The liver and kidneys may be affected in severe cases. Symptoms include vomiting, lethargy and abdominal pain. As a rule, leptospirosis component is not part of the initial injection, including injection through a combination. Some dogs are allergic to the vaccine leptospirosis, but your veterinarian can help you in this regard.


Symptoms that indicate coronaviruses illness including loss an appetite, orange or yellow diarrhea, lethargy and fever. It causes inflammation of the gut and most disease commonly affects puppy. Weather is generally good.

If your Golden Retriever is able to be mixed with other dogs, so it is important to get vaccinated against Bordetella bronchiseptica. It is usually on the second visit and 12 weeks of age. Often called kennel cough as, Bordetella bronchiseptica is highly contagious and is usually transmitted in areas where many dogs are the same as obedience classes, boarding, and dog parks. Infection usually occurs when the observed dry cough. It should be noted that no vaccine is 100% effective and your dog may still become ill with this disease. An amplifier is usually given within 16 weeks and visit every year.

One of the most serious diseases that your Golden Retriever can get is Rabies which has a negative effect on the nervous system of your dog and affects all warm-blooded animals. Normally, dogs get rabies from another animal that has been infected by this disease and symptoms include seizures, aggression, and foaming at the mouth. Golden Retriever can be vaccinated against rabies at the age of 16 weeks, and then every year, but if you think that gold has rabies, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

Some of these diseases and the disease can be very serious and if your Golden Retriever starts to show symptoms should not hesitate to contact your vet and make an appointment. Most can be treated if caught in time.

With your dog properly vaccinated, you help to ensure both your safety and that of other animals and humans.

You can visit F.A.Q.; food, training and care Golden Retriever pages for more information.

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