Cheap holiday yo Datca is wait you!

Discover the concealed wonders of Datca : Datca is a renowned pristine travels destination that provides refreshing views of the Turkish coastal views. The Datca is a peninsular town situated in south west Turkey’s Mugal province. Apart from being a renowned tourist spot, this town is known for 3Bs badem (almond), Bal (honey) and balik (fish).

A visual treat : Taking a holiday expedition to Datca is sure to provide a visual treat.  Datca with stunning views of the azure seas, pine trees, virgin coves, and the almond groves makes you feel like traveling to a colorful fantasy land or simply disappearing into a vibrant postcard.

A treasure trove for the historians : Datca peninsula has numerous spots of historical significance. Knidos is the abode to the remains of affluent city which dates around 400BC. Your trip to Datca resort will remain incomplete if you do not see the Aphrodite statue, which is considered as the primary naked female statue in history.

Old Datca : The Old Datca or Eski is considered as a Mecca of the shoppers. It is known for its affluent boutiques, souvenir stores, and carpet shops. In addition to this you can find a good number of restaurants, tourist hotels, bars, Amphi Theater, etc.

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