Feeding Instructions a Golden retriever

 Feeding Instructions a Golden retriever

If you are here it means you need some feeding instructions for your golden retriever.

First of all do not forget that feeding amount is changing according to your golden retriever’s daily activity, age, size, metabolism etc. You need to create a balance of feeding for your puppy. If you give much it means you will have a fat and slowcouch dog if you give less you may have a skinny dog. Both situations are unhealthy.

Every step of feeding is very important. Choosing the right food, adjust the amount, feed him twice in a day ( don’t keep its food bowl full all the time).

Here is a clue for adjust the right amount of feeding:

Put your hand on your golden retriever’s back. Fingers along the spine, with the fingers spread downward. If you see its ribs you should feed more. If you feel ribs without press you may consider giving less food.

Right amount of food will make your little friend more healthy so you can be naughty together

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