Did you know these facts ?

 Did you know these facts ?

We collected some facts that you may not know before about our little or sometimes big friends ?? Enjoy and Don’t Forget To Share It !

1. Golden Retriever breed recognized in 1925.

2. They are easy to train. That is why we see them in movies or tv shows.

3. They are not so friendly to strangers and this reason makes them very good security dogs.

4. They are 4th smartest breed in the world. First three places belong to German Shephards, poodles, border collies.

5. They have very sharp sense of smell ability. This is why there are a lot of search and rescue golden retrievers.

6. Despite dogs are not fan of water golden retrievers really like water and swim.

7. According to some studies if you have a golden retriever you can feel more happy than have a girlfriend person.

8. Develop cancer ratio of dog breeds is 38.8%. But when we talk about Golden Retrievers this ratio increases to 61.4%.

9. Golden Retriever breed was white house dog twice with President Reagan and President Ford.

What we did to deserve these beauties?

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