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Major sources: Milk, yogurt, hard cheese, rofu, fish eaten with bones such as whitebait, canned sardines, sprats, and canned salmon, green leafy vegetables, notably purple sprouting broccoli, watercress and spinach, okra, almonds and hard water. Low-fat milk and yogurt have as much calcium as full-fat.

Importance: Essential for growth and for maintaining the strenght of the bones and teeth. Calcium also controls the conduction of nerve impulses to and from the brain, and the contraction of muscles.

Effects of shortage: In the short-term, there are no obvious signs of deficiency because calcium needs will be met by withdrawing it from the bones. Long-term calcium shortage, up to the age of 35-40, prevents the bones from reaching full density (peak bone mass), which may increase the risk of bone problems in old age.

Foods high in calcium: Milk, yogurt, soya beans, orange, cheese, lady’s finger, turnip greens, sesame seeds, almonds, broccoli, collards, artichokes, okra, onions, asparagus, butternut squash, avocados, celery, leeks, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon foods rich in calcium.

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