Thursday, August 16, 2018
Steak Diane originated in Australia where the use of fillet steak is obligatory for this quick dish. Nevertheless, rump steak would make a tasty alternative.

Steak Diane

Beef and orange stir-fry

Gammon steaks are quick to prepare and have no wastage. Bring out the flavour of the meat with this tasty and unusual sauce and serve with a bottle of sparkling

Gammon with plum sauce

The slightly sharp apple and mustard sauce complements the flavour of gammon. Gammon can be bought as steak or you can cut your own off a joint.

Gammon in apple sauce

Succulent leg of lamb flavoured with red wine and parsley makes an interesting variation to the more usual barbequed beef. How to make barbequed lamb?

Barbequed lamb

Quick meals

Home Quick meals
Quick meals recipe with ingredients shared on our pages. How to make quick meals? Delicious and quick food recipes.

Shrimp pilaff

Trout with hazelnuts

Prawn and crab curry

Fish kebabs