Coriander and coconut crab salad recipe recipe & ingredients

How to make coriander and coconut crab salads? Coriander and coconut crab salad recipes and ingredient shared on our page.

2 people coriander and coconut crab salad ingredients;

  • 1 avocado, peeled and stoned
    1 little gem lettuce, shredded
    1/2 cucmber, peeled and diced
    2 tbsp lemon juice
    25 gram bunch fresh coriander, stalks removed
    3 tbsp coconut milk
    3 tbsp soured cream
    grated zest of 1 lemon
    few shakes crab
    salt and freshly ground black pepper
    thick lices of buttered soda bread

Coriander and coconut crab salad recipe;

Chop the avocado into small chunks and toss with the lettuce, cucumber and 1 tbsp of the lemon juice in a bowl. Divide between two bowls.

Whiz the coriander in a processor until finely chopped. Ad the coconut milk, soured cream, remaining lemon juice, lemon zest and Tabasco, season and whiz together.

Toss the dressing with the crab and add to the bowls. Serve with some buttered soda bread.

If you can’t source a fresh dressed crab then use a 170 gram of crabmeat, drained, instead. Your enjoy meal

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